Research + Design

Get an extra set of hands for your current project or bring your entire problem to us.

Our research-and-design work combines traditional scientific methods with human-centered design and strategic storytelling. We can help you plan and conduct human-centered research, create user experience designs and prototypes, and articulate complex ideas involving people, technology, data, and organizational performance. We can also help you communicate your results through written reports, infographics, and presentations. The following offerings are some samples of what we provide. We'll customize the approach to your needs.

Strategic Storytelling

Combining principles from user experience design, marketing, and nudge, in conjunction with usability and design principles, to make complex topics more grokable, memorable, and persuasive. We can offer advice or directly redesign your communication materials.

Human-Centered Research

Customized human-centered research. We can design a comprehensive research strategy or deliver components such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, user testing, and experimentation. We run the analysis and write the reports too!

Ideation Workshops

Incorporate facilitated sessions into your research and design plans, including our unique Concept Map designs and Strategic Storytelling methods. Use these facilitated sessions as engines of inspiration, generating valuable reports and analysis.

Scholarly Research

Traditional research services, including literature reviews and peer reviews, benchmarking, technical editing, and analysis. Areas of application include human performance, instructional technologies, simulation, learning, development, and talent.

User Experience Design

Build on your human-centered research with applied design: from user interface and user experience prototypes to recommended processes and policies. Requirements engineering can also be supported.

Manuscripts + Infographics

Ghost-written articles, nonfiction books, and textbooks. Our services include detailed knowledge elicitation, visually stunning infographics, and professional typesetting. Write your own story—or let us do it for you!