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Select from a premade option or request a bespoke topic. You can also request special additions, including an infographic, concept map, or corresponding assessment.  Below are some popular topic, but contact us for a range set of options.

Applied Learning Science

A fast-paced exploration of learning science, including the Return on Investment (ROI) for good pedagogy (or andragogy for adults), what learning science is, and a variety of instructional tactics, scenario-based learning methods, and assessment techniques. Perfect for new L&D professionals or those seeking a refresher.

Information Overload

Entertain and inspire listeners to think differently about how they deliver informational content. This unique presentation begins with a clever exploration of the brain and its quirks—especially how information overload drains our executive resources. Then it explores the impact of poorly designed, information-dense messages and encourages us to design differently and to better navigate information.

Introduction to AI

Introduce AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Generative AI in an accessible and non-technical way. The presentation ends by challenging viewers to think about how AI will not only substitute or augment our current systems—but how it will modify or redefine our entire paradigm. This talk is well-suited to precede a group session on AI uses in an organization.

Modernizing Learning

Motivate change and help leaders and practitioners understand the learning ecosystem concept. Using multimedia and grokable analogies, the presentation explains the evolution in organizational learning in four forward-looking steps: Interconnected lifelong learning, competency- and credential-based systems, an architecture for data sharing, and learning engineering.

Learning Engineering

Suitable for anyone involved in training, education, or talent management, this primer offers a comprehensive introduction to learning engineering, an emerging field that combines learning science with technology, data, learning analytics, and operational systems. Learn about its purpose, contrast it to conventional instructional design, and broadly explore its methods. 

Strategic Storytelling

We’re all predictably irrational. Our brains have evolved with quirks. Through entertaining and data-rich case studies, learn about how we’re affected by cognitive influence and persuasion, and examine how these techniques are used by expert communicators and social engineers. Can be delivered as a longer workshop including exercises and group discussions. 

Sae at the NATO Conference of Commandants (2023)
NATO Conference of Commandants (2023)

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